The launch of the report was tremendous. I hope you have enjoyed reading my special tennis report "What Do Successful Tennis Players Have In Common". If you have any comments or feedback, please drop me an e-mail to let me know. If possible, I would like to use your positive comments as testimonials for the report.

Over the last 2 weeks was very busy for me. Nonetheless, I still took some time to write an article for tennis players who wish to win more matches. If you have played with serve and volley players and often lose to them, this article provides you with 5 great tips to overcome them.

Read the article here

Australian Open 2012 is going to start soon. I am really excited as this the first grand slam of the year. My all time favorite player is, you know who, Roger Federer of course! However my prediction is that he may not win his 17th grand slam title in Melbourne. I think and I hope Andy Murray will win his first grand slam in Melbourne. He has been in the past 2 finals but lost to Federer and Djokovic respectively. Recently, Andy has changed a new coach, Ivan Lendl, a past great grand slam champion. I hope he can guide Andy to his first ever grand slam title.

As for the ladies, I am rooting for the Czech player, Petra Kvitova. She is the world no 2 now. I have not seen any ladies players as exciting as her. She is one aggressive player who has no fear in coming to the net to finish off the points. Plus she already has 2011 Wimbledon trophy in her resume so achieving another grand slam title is not new to her.

Who are you supporting? You can drop me an e-mail to tell me your predictions. I will be really excited to hear from you!

Btw, don't forget to read my tennis article on how to beat serve and volley players. Click here to check it out.

To you tennis success,

Joel Loo

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