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June 19, 2014
Dear tennis friends,

Here is quick tip to help my tennis friends win more points if you have a strong inside-out forehand and crosscourt forehand.

This is what I call the ,"One-Two Punch". Here is how it works:

1. Hit a forehand crosscourt with good amount of spin and depth. This will get your opponent moving and open up the far side of the court. Your should move to your left as the ball hits the court.

2. Run around your backhand and hit an inside-out forehand to the opposite court. You see pros doing this all the time. Your opponent should be scrambling for the return and have a few options.

3. Return your opponent's weak reply and hit the ball inside-out again, behind your opponent. He or she will have to stop and lunge to get to the ball provided it is within reach.

Go ahead and try it out on your opponent. If you love this tip, please share with your friends who may find it useful.

To your tennis success,



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