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July 06, 2014
Dear tennis friends,

Once again, a Grand Slam final will feature two members of the often touted "Big Four". Yet the winner of Sunday's men's final may earn a lot more than just a coveted Wimbledon title.

Novak Djokovic v. Roger Federer

Head to Head: Federer leads 18 to 16

Pre-Match Analysis

It certainly has been a momentous two weeks for Djokovic. He underwent a brief injury fright when he fell during an early round match versus Gilles Simon. Then he struggled with his movement and traction on the grass in several matches including in his semifinal with Grigor Dimitrov. While Djokovic decided that new shoes was the answer, there's a lingering perception that perhaps Djokovic's own mental uncertainty was the real reason for his slip-ups.

After Federer won Wimbledon in 2012, some wondered if Federer would ever return to a major final. A back injury Federer incurred during that title run plagued him for most of last season. While some were ready to write off Federer's career as over, the 17-time Grand Slam champion instead rebuilt his game and his body. A bigger racquet and a new partnership with Stefan Edberg has, along with a return to full health, invigorated Federer. Now he seeks a record eighth Wimbledon title.


Given that Novak doesn't seem to be very consistent in these 2 weeks against his opponents, he is still a very tough opponent to beat. Both men are hungry for this title as it can a career defining moment for them. Novak has lost 3 out of 4 grand slam finals and I am sure he does not want to lose again. As for Roger, any grand slam finals could be his last. Today's victory will be another record for him.

I expect Roger to be very aggressive to attack the net and pressure Djokovic throughout the match. Novak will have to try his best and not let Roger dictate the match. Both players have to be focus and stay at a high level throughout. I predict this may be an epic 5 setter where Federer may emerge as the Champion eventually.

What do you think? Share with me your thoughts on the finals. I will look forward to hear from you.

To your tennis success,

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