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September 19, 2014

Once you hit a certain point with your tennis ability, just hitting hours of groundstrokes won't do you much good when it comes to increasing your skill level.

You've basically picked the low hanging fruit and making big leaps in your progress won't happen once you reach a certain level.

The good news is that there's another part of your game that are equally important to focus on that most players ignore...

It's a shot that's easy for opponents to pick on...

And something that causes frustrating loss after frustrating loss...

One of the BIGGEST weaknesses I see in tennis players games (regardless of how 'good' they are) is the return of serve.

Most players know that the return is important...

But they spend all day practicing their groundstrokes instead...

Sometimes the serves gets some attention but the return is often an afterthought.

Then maybe they'll put in a hurried 10 minutes at the end of training just to get a few return reps in just to say it was practiced.

Well, that's not going to cut it...

The truth is that the return of serve is JUST as important as the serve (maybe more), and if you can really nail down the return, you can turn a weakness into a great asset that will elevate your entire tennis game.

An asset that will help you break your opponents serve easily time and time again...

Causing serious frustration for your opponents...

While you win matches without even breaking a sweat...

That's why I'm so excited to introduce Jeff Salzenstein's new tennis program "Serve Return Secrets".

This program will turn an unpracticed, mediocre, and defensive serve return into a big time weapon in your arsenal.

The Serve Return Secrets program was JUST launched, and there's still time to get the US Open Serve Return Bonus Lessons if you go to this page and join us inside the program right now:.

Turn my return of serve into a match winning asset <=

To your tennis success,

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