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June 21, 2016

How was your weekend?

Hopefully you dominated life and made it a great one!

I just came back from a 10 day Taiwan trip with my family and friends.

It's funny, it was supposed to be getaway and relaxing trip but I felt tired looking after my 2 kiddos during the trip.

Regardless, it was an incredibly good family bonding trip for us.

New Blog Post

Before the trip, I managed to shoot one tennis video lesson and during the trip, I managed to complete the whole write up while I was on the bus journey.

I felt that I needed to get this out quickly so that these information can help fellow tennis players like you.

Well, the blog post and video are all completed. You can check it out here:

==> How To Prepare Early for Your Groundstrokes So That You Can Hit With More Consistency

Many players tend to make the mistake of preparing the backswing only when the ball bounces in their court. I think this is due to the inexperience of players who don’t anticipate where the ball is going. They often wait for the ball to bounce and then ‘confirm’ that the ball is going to their forehand or backhand. Preparing the backswing only when the ball bounces in your court is too late. You will jam up the body and be unable to hit the ball cleanly.

So in this video lesson, I am going to show you the correct ways to prepare for your ground strokes and 2 drills that you can use to correct the mistakes.

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Here is the tennis lesson again.

I don't want you to miss it.

To your tennis success,

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