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October 18, 2016

I hoped you are doing well and playing great tennis.

First of all, I need to apologized that you just received a newsletter that I drafted some time ago. It was a draft that I prepared and I forgot to clear the mail out schedule. That's why you received the newsletter that was not completed.

New Content from Unleash Your Tennis

I have just published a blog post coupled with a video lesson. If you are struggling to play a two-handed backhand, then check out 4 Steps To A Great Two-Handed Backhand. I have showed 4 simple steps that you can follow to get a solid foundation on the two-handed backhand.

If you like the lesson , please share it with your friends through your social media like Facebook or twitter. There are built in social share button within the blog post and you can use them easily.

That's all from me. Hope to see you becoming a member of

Have a great week ahead!

To your tennis success,

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