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July 10, 2012
Hi my tennis friends,

Last week was such an exciting week where we witnessed Roger Federer winning his 7th Wimbledon title, his overall 17th grand slam title and reclaimed the world no 1 ranking.

Wow... that's such a fantastic results by the 30 year old Swiss!

Seriously I felt sorry for Andy Murray. He appeared in 4 grand slam finals and lost all 4. 3 of them lost to Roger Federer.

Somehow I felt that the pressure on him was too great. If you were Andy and the headlines everyday talked about you becoming the first man since Fred Perry to win Wimbledon, how would you feel? All these unnecessary external pressure can become a distraction.

Anyway I think Andy's time will surely come and I hope his first grand slam title will come from Wimbledon.

Ok, back to tennis...

In my last newsletter, I have sent the "The Tennis Serve Cheat Sheet" to you. Have you tried to analyse your serve using the cheat sheet? Let me know about your results or any feedback about the cheat sheet is absolutely welcome.

The latest article that I have posted recently was my top 5 tennis rackets recommendation for advanced players. If you are an advanced player and thinking of changing your racket then this is the article for you.

The images of the rackets are a little small on the article. You can click on them to view a larger image on Amazon. I have done quite an extensive research to find the best 5 tennis rackets for advanced players.

Coming up shortly, I will be posting my tennis shoes recommendation. As my valued subscribers, I will let you know once it is up live.

Click here to read the article.

Committed to your tennis success,



p.s. don't forget about the "Tennis Cheat Sheet". Here is the link.

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