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February 14, 2017

Tennis serve can be boring if you keep serving balls after balls without a purpose.

In today's featured lesson, I am going to share with you some tips to help you in your tennis serve training so that your training becomes more fun, exciting and relevant to your tennis matches.

If you can pick one idea from the blog and implement it in your serve training, I am very confident that your chances of holding your service games will greatly increase. Go ahead and read the blog post and watch the video lesson again.

Click here to read the blog post and watch the video lesson.


Have You Signed Up For The Free Tennis Serve Mini Course ?

During the December holidays, I kept myself busy to film a 3-part mini course on how to serve in tennis. The reason why I did this course is because many tennis players can hit comfortably with their groundstrokes but when it comes to serve, they feel embarrass by their own serve. 

No doubt, tennis serve is one of the most challenging technique in tennis. I feel that mastering the tennis serve is achievable just like any other new skills. 

On YouTube, there are tons of videos teaching people how to serve. Most of them are fine but I realized that they lack details and they to jump steps. I may get the idea on how to serve but I can't execute the skills without the proper progressions.

So I decided to teach tennis players how to serve using a step-by-step detailed approach. I shared all the progressions that you need to know so that they all build up to the actual tennis serve. All you need to do is to set aside time to practice. Some of the exercises are suitable to be done at home so there is no reason why you can't work on your serve :)

Interested to get this course?

For my valuable UYT and IYT members, I have created a special sign up form for you. just click on the link here and you will be directed to a simple sign up page. Just enter your email and name and the first part of the video course will be sent to your inbox within 5 minutes. 

Have a great week ahead!

To your tennis success,

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