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August 01, 2012
Dear all,

London 2012 Olympics Tennis Gold Medal Predictions – Murray and Sharapova for the Gold

Do you agree?

The 2012 Olympics are here and there is much speculation about who will take home the tennis gold metal. I firmly believe that Andy Murray and Maria Sharapova are the front runners in this event and will be standing on top of the winners’ podium when all matches are complete. They have the skill and drive to get it done and will show the world that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Sharapova has faced her fair share of challenges within her event. She missed the 2008 Olympics due to a shoulder injury but has worked hard to get back into shape and be prepared for this year’s events. She looks stronger than ever and is sure to give a strong fight to anyone that she is playing against. She will show the doubters that her injury was just a minor setback and that it has pushed her to be stronger and more prepared for this year’s Olympic battle. As of yesterday, Maria Sharapova just defeated Germany's Sabine Lisicki in a tight tussle to reach the quarter-finals of the women's Tennis Singles.

Andy Murray is a strong competitor in every sense of the word. While he did face a setback when he played lost at Wimbledon to Roger Federer in the last few weeks, he has chosen to allow that defeat to fuel his fire to win at the Olympics, rather than create doubt about his future successes. He had a difficult time in the Beijing Olympics, where he made a first round exit and he vows to do much better when he steps onto the floor this year.

The struggles that these amazing athletes have endured have built a fire in their hearts that has created an unstoppable monster. They will do all that they can to achieve their Olympic goals and will not let anyone step in their way. They have proven that they have what it takes to achieve Olympic gold and will surely show the world when their tennis rounds begin this year.

If you have a favorite for the tennis gold medal at the Olympic this year, please let me know what you think. There are many great players contending for the gold this year and the fight is surely going to be tough. For me, the London Olympics 2012 will surely result in a win for these two amazing players in the tennis rounds. When Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray begin their matches, their competitors should be prepared for a fight because both of them have the skill and drive to reach their golden dreams.

Enjoy the show.



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