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September 11, 2012
Hi my tennis friends,


Andy Murray has won his first major!

Though I was wrong in my prediction for the men's championship, I am still very happy because I feel that Andy truly deserves the title.

Murray fought, rallied and persevered to a 7-6 (10), 7-5, 2-6, 3-6, 6-2 win over defending US Open champion Novak Djokovic for his first career Grand Slam singles title at the 2012 US Open. With the victory, he became the first British man to win a major title since Fred Perry won the U.S. Championships in 1936.

It wasn't easy of course. 4 hours and 54 mins of battle with the World No 2.

From this mouth watering finals, I have derived 2 learning points.

1. Mental Toughness is the key. With the weather conditions so erratic, the mental strength to handle the situation has to be super tough. As we watched the finals, you could see strong gust of wind, making it difficult for them to serve and rally. If you do not have the mental toughness to overcome these adverse conditions, you will lose eventually.

Murray led the first sets and let Novak came back in the next two was also something that we can learn. Imagine if it was you, winning the first two sets and let your opponent caught up and level the game. Would your confidence be shaken? Not for Andy. He persevered and played his game in the final set.

2. Fitness. Nearly 5 hours of battle in the finals. Not forgetting that this tournament lasted for slightly more than 2 weeks. Your fitness level has to be in top condition in order to fight all the way.

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As usual, I would welcome any comments about your thoughts on the US Open. Perhaps you can share with me what are your learning points from this tournament? If you have any questions about the Show and Go Training System., I would be glad to answer them too.

Committed to your tennis,



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