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December 02, 2012
Dear all,

In today's newsletter, I'm going to share some ideas from the GPTCA Conference.

In tennis games, it is all about situations. When you are starting the point, you are in the serve situation. When your opponent gives you a short ball, you are in the mid court situation. So what am I driving at?

It simply means that you should always practice different kinds of situation during training!

But... many times, it was observed that tennis coaches tend to put the practice of tennis serve as the ending part of the training session. After the players serve the whole basket of balls, they can be dismissed. Strange, isn't it? It will give the players the impression that tennis serve is not important so therefore it is put in the last part of the training!

We all know that tennis serve is the most important part of the game. According to Claudio Pistolesi, coach of Robin Soderling, the tennis serve is the shot that gives you the confidence for the rest of the game. Do you agree?

If you agree, then start practice your serve at the beginning of your training! Start warming up your serve with the second serve and then gradually practice your first serves as well. One more thing, besides practicing the serving motion, practice the feelings as well. Imagine that you are hitting the second serve in the match, so you should practice that kind of feeling of when you are practicing your serves.

If you have a team, split the team into 2 so that one group can practice the serves and the other group can practice return serve. This is a great exercise because you are training the first shot of the point; serve or return serve. After one whole basket of balls is gone, switch the role of the players.

The above information seems very simple but it is very powerful.

The tennis serve is the shot that gives you the confidence for the rest of the game. Remember this and adjust your training methods now.

Committed to your tennis,



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