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February 09, 2013
Dear tennis friends,

Let me ask you some questions about your two handed backhand.

Have your opponents ever hit high to your backhand over and over as a strategy to beat you?


Did it work?


Did it frustrate you because you had no answer? Yes.

The reason why I answer on your behalf is because that is the reality that many players are facing. The high 2 handed backhand shot is one of the toughest shots to deal with and what makes matters worse is that you don't know where to look to fix it.

Former ATP Top 100 singles and doubles player and world class tennis coach, Jeff Salzenstein, has just released a new FREE video series that will show you how to TRANSFORM a two handed backhand into a weapon of pin point accuracy and relentless power.

In his third video, he shows you how to deal with this problem and solve it once and for all.

fix the high backhand

After watching this third video, be sure to watch the first two videos as well. They are very useful in helping you to build a rock solid backhand!

Click here to watch the videos.

Committed to your tennis,



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