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April 01, 2013
Dear tennis friends,

In my latest article, I have obtained permission from Tomaz Mencinger of Slovenia to share some insights on the tennis serve. Tomaz is a great tennis coach and I have followed his articles and videos for sometime. I would say his explanations towards tennis are always very clear and easy to understand. He has his own website, in fact not one but two websites on tennis. One of it is and the other one is

Ok, back to the topic on tennis serve. If you’re looking to add power to your serve in tennis, hit really fast balls and at the same time expend little effort, then you got to really pay attention to the tips that we are going to share.

--> Tennis Serve : Serving Fast, Yet Effortlessly <--

I would like you to watch the video and try out the tips shared by Tomaz. It is such a great pleasure to get to know other tennis coaches around the world and learn from one another. Tennis is such a lifelong sport that learning is never ending. In fact this is one of the greatest motivation why I started

If you like the article, please forward to any of your friends whom you think might benefit from this great piece of information.

--> Tennis Serve : Serving Fast, Yet Effortlessly <--

Committed to your tennis,



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