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August 17, 2013
Dear tennis friends,

Many people seem to be thinking that in order to increase their stamina for tennis, they have to go for long distance running.

Is that really true?

Well, pros on the tour are still going for long slow jogs after matches and on their days off as well..

Some of the best players in the world do it, especially the Spanish players and, you certainly can't argue with their results the last 20 years.

Once players have good results, it is not easy to change them out of their current training habits even if they could perform at higher levels without long distance running.

I am a strong believer that if tennis players did explosive interval training like kettlebell swings or burpees and other exercises that work the lungs and burn the legs, these players would be even more powerful and explosive.

So what if you are a junior player or rec player?

I recommend that you skip the long distance running and continue to focus on gaining some serious strength complemented with high intensity intervals and some quick feet drills.

If you want to get stronger, get really good at pushups, pullups, and single leg work and these will help your speed and power on court.

Complement these basic bodyweight exercises with explosive intervals that you can repeat over and over and work on your power by performing fast twitch explosive exercises.

What is one of the simplest, explosive exercises to perform after tennis practice or match?

SPRINTS! Yes, sprints can do the trick and improve your speed on court.

Now, please don't go out there and start sprinting at a 100% clip if you have not been sprinting recently or if you physically are unable.

Go with some striders (50-80% pace short sprints) to get the feel of the movement. If you are feeling loose and limber and you don't feel pain, add in some faster sprints.

You can perform anywhere from 20-30 metres sprints at the end of a workout to get used to moving at a faster speed.

Again, PLEASE don't go out and pretend you are Usain Bolt and start doing tons of sprints right away.

Start any new exercises you have not been doing slowly and work your way up. Record your progress so that your are accountable for your own fitness.

I welcome your feedback or comments on the tips that you received. If you find these information useful, please forward to your friends so that they will benefit from these tips as well.

To your tennis serve success.



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