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March 04, 2014
Dear tennis friends,

Congratulations to Roger Federer for winning the recent Dubai Open. Well done!

He managed to beat Novak Djokovic in the semifinals and Tomas Berdych in the finals. Definitely not an easy feat, considering Federer came back from one set down in both matches.

If you admire Federer's backhand , I would recommend that you read one of my article on the analysis of the Swiss's backhand. You can't afford to miss this article!

The next thing that I would like to share with my tennis fans is the launch of my first T-shirt campaign from Teespring!

The graphic was designed by a professional designer who is also a tennis player. If you play tennis, you will know that the game is all about spins. That was where the inspiration of the design came from.

So if you like the T-shirt, you can order from Teespring. We need to achieve 30 orders before Teespring prints this unique tennis T-shirt and delivers right to your door step. If we don't achieve 30 orders, don't worry, you won't be charged for the money.

You only have about 2 weeks before the campaign closes. So hurry and click here to order the T-shirt now.

Committed to your tennis success,



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