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May 26, 2014
Dear tennis friends,

During my tennis lessons I often find myself reminding my students to "put more spin on the ball".

What Does That Mean?

Consistent strokes in tennis depend on the right amount of spin that is imparted on the ball.

Many times the players forget to emphasize this aspect when they want to go for aggressive shots.

Power on your shots is important and many love to apply it. But if you are one of those who like to hit the ball hard you must not forget to combine the pace with the right amount of spin.

Simply put, you have two major types of spin that you can apply on the forehand and backhand ground-strokes: topspin and under- spin (slice).

To create topspin your racket should meet the ball during a low to high trajectory.

So if you find yourself hitting your shots too long, then make sure you bend the knees more and get the racket below the ball before contact.

The low to high swing together with a square racket face (strings facing forward) at contact will create the "up and over" rotation on the ball that you need for added control.

For slice (under-spin) ground-strokes make sure that you prepare your racket at least one foot higher before you bring it down to contact the ball.

Try the above mentioned tips to create more spin on the ball and as a result improve consistency on your rallies.

Committed to your tennis success,



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