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How to play tennis?

Are you a tennis beginner who is clueless about playing tennis? 

Are you an avid tennis player but find that your tennis skills are getting stagnant?

Not everyone has the time or funds to follow tennis lessons, and the free information you can get from a variety of sources is not always consistent or reliable.

Stop worrying. This website, is the one-stop-shop for beginners AND advanced players who want to play better tennis.

My name is Joel and I'm a Physical Education teacher and tennis coach. Needless to say, I am passionate about tennis. The game has been a big part of my life.

During my tennis coaching, I focus on the fundamentals of the game. I know from my experience that having good fundamentals will quicken the learning pace as the player advances to a higher level.

How to play tennis?

In other words, if you want to know how to play tennis, you need to get the basics right, first. And it's there where many go wrong or get lost.

That's why I started this site: to share with you the fundamentals and all what comes after, so you improve your tennis. The website features useful and priceless information and many cutting edge tips to share with you. It's here for YOU – wherever you live!

So... do you want to know more about tennis? Do you want to get great tennis tips to improve your tennis?

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To your tennis success,

Joel Loo.

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Your Online Tennis Coach From Singapore - About Me
My name is Joel and I am a Physical Education teacher and tennis coach in Singapore. And I'm also the owner of!
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