How To Treat A Tennis Elbow

If you want to know how to treat a tennis elbow, you need to know that term really means. A 'tennis elbow' refers to a problem that develops with the tendons that are connected to the outside of the elbow. These tendons are connected to the muscles that allow for the cocking back of the wrist.

To be more specific, the muscle that is associated with the development of this painful condition is the extensor carpi radialis brevis. It is a muscle that is connected to the area of the elbow bone known as the lateral epicondyle. What is being referred to is more than the inflammation of these tendons, but also the damage of the tendons themselves due to repetitive use.

Ways To Secure Precious Relief

To begin with, it's a good idea to consult with a doctor as far as possible if you want to know the best way how to treat a tennis elbow.

How To Treat A Tennis Elbow

An X-Ray will most likely be required so that the extent of the injury can be determined. To combat the painful effects of the swelling of the tendons, a doctor may prescribe ibuprofen or aspirin. What these medications do is decrease the amount of blood that flows through the injured area, which brings down the inflammation associated with tennis elbow.

It's recommended that you rub ice on the affected elbow three times a day in order to combat the impact of the swelling. It's beneficial to stay on top of this, especially since the use of ice represents practically a zero-cost means of experiencing some much needed relief.

With tennis elbow, It's also useful to wrap the affected area in a tight bandage which will restrict the movement of the muscle and limit the amount of aggravation subjected to the already painful area. Bear in mind, it's excessive repetitive movement that led to the injury in the first place.

More Tips How To Treat A Tennis Elbow

If pain and swelling persists, it may be necessary to involve a surgeon in the treatment process. Discuss aspects of this surgery such as the benefits, risks and recovery time, with your doctor.

There are a few symptoms that you need to make your doctor aware of in order to ensure that the most suitable treatment strategy is adopted. These include being unable to carry objects, elbow pain that manifests during relaxation or at night, pain and swelling that lasts longer than a few days, and the inability to straighten or flex your arm.

Embracing suitable treatment options is the logical thing to do in an effort to fast-track your recovery process.

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