Tips For Strengthening Your Tennis Backhand

It's impossible to attempt playing tennis without needing to execute a tennis backhand return very soon. It's simply an integral and unavoidable part of the game. It therefore makes sense to strengthen this aspect of your game as much as you can. In this article, I will talk about 2 common problems that you may face in your backhand stroke and how to correct them.

Problem: Hitting The Net Regularly

It's possible that you're hitting the ball too late. Focus on making contact with the ball sooner so that your racket has a more open face as it makes contact with the ball. Experiment to see what the ideal point of impact is, but certainly try timing your shots a little sooner.

Tennis backhand

Attempt to begin the forward part of your swing with the racket position below the ball. Aim for approximately one foot. This will result in you transferring more lift to the ball. In addition, you'll probably also find it easier to generate a good amount of topspin.

The dual benefit is that you'll have a tennis backhand return which can be hit with greater power and with a greater chance of clearing the net, while simultaneously having a greater chance of bouncing within your opponent's bass line. This is because a ball hit with topspin tends to lose altitude quite rapidly as it reaches the end of its trajectory.

Problem: Hitting The Ball Long Often

It's possible that you are turning your wrist upward just before the moment of impact. This will apply to one-handed backhand strokes more than the two-handed variety. If you focus on gripping the handle of the racket more tightly as you begin your swing, it will assist you in keeping your wrist firm and preventing this type of unwanted elevation of the ball from taking place.

Also focus on tilting the face of your racket downward a bit more as you make your swing. This will counter the natural tendency to tilt your racket upward as you swing through the ball when playing your tennis backhand.

Also watch for the head of your racket dropping below your hand(s) at the moment of impact. Your racket's long axis ought to be horizontal when the ball is struck. If the head of the racket is below your hands, the result will be to elevate the ball too much with a “golf” type motion. It's also helpful to inject topspin into your returns for the reason mentioned above.

Bearing these guidelines in mind will help you make great strides in improving the backhand component of your tennis game.

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