Tennis Forehand: Powerful Tip To Allow You To Have More Power and Control

One of the most common question that tennis players ask me is how to generate more power and control on the tennis forehandI think the key to this question is the way a player prepares for the shot. Let me explain why.

Very often when setting-up the racket behind the path of the ball players do it with their dominant hand only. Where is their non-dominant hand? They simply let it hang in front of the body. This is a very common mistake and you are not maximizing your forehand potential.

It is thus one of the important technical aspects that I have been working on with my students---setting-up the racket with both hands.

prepare your forehand with both hands

To set up the racket with both hands has many benefits for your tennis forehand groundstroke. I will highlight them below. 

1. Taking the racket back with both hands involves the hips, the core and the shoulders and as a result the body loads energy which is then transferred into the ball.

2. By supporting the weight of the racket with the non-dominant hand it allows the dominant hand to have less tension on the racket. Remember we don't want to have unnecessary tension. The preparation of the shot should be relaxed.  

3. With both hands on the racket, they help to keep the back swing short and compact. This will give you better timing and allows you to contact the ball optimally in front of your body. 

All these 3 benefits will bring you extra power and control when you execute your tennis forehand. Try this simple tip and let me know the results by commenting in the comment box below.  

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