Nadal Forehand Analysis: Learning From The Top Spin Forehand Master

The power and spin of the Nadal forehand is very well known in the tennis tour circuit. 25 years of age with a record of 46 singles career titles as of 2011, Rafael Nadal has made his name close to the top of best clay court player lists. And it is all because of his monstrous forehand, he is contender of the other surfaces as well. I always admire his determination and never say die attitude he shows on court. Today I am going to share my perspectives on the Spaniard’s fearsome forehand.

Exceptional preparations, upper body rotations and great extensions are the main factors of Spaniard’s feared weapon. Nadal’s preparations for his forehand are excellent. From the video you will see that he is loaded and prepared to go. His racket is back, shoulders and turned fully and his back are straight. His legs are spaced well and low, offering a broad base from where to hit. He is using full western grip that is so effective in generating top spin.

In the Nadal forehand position, his base is set and balanced. The racket head starts to fall and you will see that the racket face is closed. It is common in present games. Nadal’s right shoulder starts to come through contact zone. His back and legs are perfect on its position and he is low to ball.

Nadal pulls his body on the right side first, and left side drags behind. It helps him load more power till he is prepared to swing up. He starts to come up, his hips are rotated and the racket is moving from a low to high position. From this low to high swing, look at how he rips the ball at such a great speed. The acceleration of the swing imparts a tremendous amount of top spin on the shot.

In here you see more unusual aspect of Nadal forehand. Normally, the player who uses western grip ended up with the elbow in front at the follow through but Nadal strike the ball using his left arm extended fully.

Remarkably, Nadal racket has completed totally come around his body. You can look at his position with the right shoulder and notice that his left shoulder swing. You can browse few of his photos online so you will get a clearer view of what are saying. Nadal looks over with his right shoulder on the start and ended looking on his left. The shoulder rotation is an excellent check point for all to ensure that you obtain a full stroke.

This is where Nadal got his distinct power and spin in playing tennis. Through this, you will have a good idea on how you can execute your spins and hit to the ball. Nadal forehand is really strong with the help his incredible training regime. The technique he uses is very unique but fits him well totally.

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