The One-Degree Error – Why Tennis Is So Difficult

By Tomaz Mencinger

You’ve probably heard and definitely experienced that tennis is a difficult sport.

Hitting a moving ball with a moving racquet while you are moving into a rather small target – assuming you’re not aiming in the middle of the court – is not that easy.

To really illustrate the point, ask yourself this question:

How much will you miss your intended target if your racquet’s angle is just one degree off?

This tennis infographic below will hopefully answer this questions and also tell you how accurate your timing must be and how you need to adjust your technique of hitting through the ball in order to avoid missing by so much.

So next time when you miss the court by less than 41 cm (1.35 feet), know that you made an error of less than one degree on your racquet which was probably a result of mistiming your shot by less than one hundredth of a second.

Do you really need to get down on yourself after missing a shot or can you perhaps be more understanding see that it’s not always your fault but that the game of tennis is somewhat difficult.

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